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When I see a beautiful woman I can’t avoid falling in love, she blows my mind. This is like a lightning strike: the emotion I feel is so bright and overwhelming. And it lasts only for a moment. Like a strike.

Her eyes are two sapphires; they are as blue as the sky and as deep as the ocean. I’m losing control every time she’s looking at me. She is like a cat: graceful but dangerous. She never even started her game but she already won one. She is a mystery, my beautiful queen. She is a poetry in the world that is still learning the alphabet. She is playing with me. 

If I would imagine her as a feeling, she would be a seduction.


  • Original HAND PAINTED artwork by Natalia Marinych
    UNIQUE Work
    Materials : OIL ON CANVAS
    Size : 70 x 80 cm 
    All of my works come with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

    Europe 5-7 days

    All of my paintings are professionally packed with great care
    They will be sent to you with a tracking number in 3 business day after the payment. 

    For ANY QUESTIONS , please feel free to contact me

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