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The road we choose in our lives, the decisions we make, the mistakes we can’t avoid. On this long run some people are chasing cars. They are fast, furious and full of energy. They burn like candles.
Others almost crawl this distance. They make decisions slow, they think carefully. And sometimes they come to the end with their life wasted on rational things. They never did anything interesting, their life is grey, there are no stories to tell. These people are like turtles.
We all have different start. For some this life path is like a highway, some have to make their way through pits and hassocks. Some want to climb the mountains, some are fine underground. Life path is so different for every person. But it is almost the same when we see the finish line.

Life path

  • Original HAND PAINTED artwork by Natalia Marinych
    UNIQUE Work
    Materials : OIL ON CANVAS
    Size : 70 x 80 cm 
    All of my work comes with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

    Europe 5-10 days

    All of my paintings are professionally packed with great care
    They will be sent to you in 3 business day following the payment, with a tracking number

    For ANY QUESTIONS , please feel free to contact me

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