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Summer is the time of sunshine, fresh fruits, bright colors, long promenades, smell of roses and simple enjoyment of daily life. At this period our skin gets darker, our hair gets lighter, and our happiness shines through our eyes. It's also a time for love and letting go. Somehow the warmth and beauty around have a magical effect on people. We become more open to others, we easier throw off the masks and we simply feel more free.

It is scientifically proven that the sunlight has a great influence on our inner condition as it helps to boost the «happy» hormone serotonin. Moreover, we get vitamin D, which is essential for our body, from sunlight exposure. As a result, warm sun rays enhance our mood, relieve stress and improve our well-being.  

And what is important is that when the sun shines, it shines on everyone.

In the Sun

  • Original HAND PAINTED artwork by Natalia Marinych
    UNIQUE Work
    Materials : OIL ON CANVAS 
    Size : 70 x 80 cm 
    All of my works come with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

    The paintings are professionally packed with great care
    They will be sent with a tracking number in 3 business day after the payment.

    For ANY QUESTIONS , please feel free to contact me

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