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Short haircut, green eyes, gray jersey… I’ve been thinking a long time why this appearance has attracted me so much that I decided to paint it.

But after I understood that this girl expresses her individuality, she doesn’t care about last fashion tendencies, she’s doesn’t care about Gucci or Dolce&Gabbana, she rides a bicycle to the work and she doesn’t eat meet. She has a vivid personality.

How often do we look at others and follow the crowd? How often do we buy things which are promoted by famous actors and models? We change our attitude to the world and try to copy others, meanwhile loosing ourselves. But not her. She exactly knows what she wants and she won’t let the crowd influence her choices. Be yourself even if you seem to be strange to the external world.

Always be honest with yourself. Looking at this painting I want you not to have fear to wear, say or do what YOU like. Only like this you will be truly free!

Find Yourself

  • Original HAND PAINTED artwork by Natalia Marinych
    UNIQUE Work
    Materials : OIL ON CANVAS 
    Size : 50 x 50 cm 
    All of my works come with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

    The paintings are professionally packed with great care
    They will be sent with a tracking number in 3 business day after the payment.

    For ANY QUESTIONS , please feel free to contact me

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