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When you look at this child’s eyes, what do you see? Can you see her future? Can you predict that she will become a ballerina, singer, lawyer? Or maybe she will become a housewife? Journalist? Geologist? Can you predict her future by looking at her?

We all have millions of things which differ us from each other. And our background can stop us from doing what we want to do. It is almost impossible to become an artist in the crowd of blind people. But she will try. She will struggle and crawl to her dream. And she will prove that nothing is impossible.

She will live her life just like she wants to. So now, is there even such thing as destiny? Or we are making our future by ourselves? Does destiny exist in this world?


  • Original HAND PAINTED artwork by Natalia Marinych
    UNIQUE Work
    Materials : OIL ON CANVAS 
    Size : 70 x 80 cm 
    All of my works come with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

    The paintings are professionally packed with great care
    They will be sent with a tracking number in 3 business day after the payment.

    For ANY QUESTIONS , please feel free to contact me

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